About the Show

In No One Wants to be Our Therapist, two best friends Katie and Bethany, who are not licensed therapist, get together for their own therapy sessions (ironically both are in therapy) that love to talk about everything and anything under the sun while telling stories, laughing, and lots of sillies. Listen at your own risk.

the Hosts

Katie and Bethany have been friends for over ten years, becoming best friends and sisters by choice. What started out as monthly get together, catching up and sharing their lives, turned into a passion project to bring smiles, laughter and to break stigmas regarding mental health.

Fun Facts

A Note from the Hosts

We wanted to make a safe space to be yourself without judgment, like hanging out with your best friends or sister(s). 

While we discuss magnitude of subjects and topics, mental health is a part of our show. If you need immediate help or looking for someone to talk to, please refer to our Resources page.

Come laugh, cry and be yourself with us

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